How was Slime Invented?

So I was wondering how the heck slime was invented today so I did my research and I have a post ready!

Slime was first introduced by Mattel in 1976 made with polymers ( such as PVA ) to make it. The movie Flubber probably prompted people to try to make slime. Slime is a mixture of PVA and boric acid. Dr. Suess's book Oobleck is a type of slime that is a solid and a liquid which many people also call slime. Silly Putty, another example was made in 1943 by James Wright.

Well this post was pretty short but it gave you a brief history of slime so I did my best. I hope you liked this! Bye!
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  1. This was a really intresting post. I never knew that!

    1. Iv'e always wondered too. Well, now we know!


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